Incremental Informal Settlement Upgrading

More than 250 000 households in eThekwini live in informal settlements.  The city is rolling out an incremental services programme comprising:

• Water standpipes
• Communal ablution/sanitation blocks
• Solid waste removal and emergency access
• Basic road access and footpaths with related storm water controls
• Electricity on a pre-paid basis
Over a 3 year period (2016/17 – 2018/19), the incremental service programme aims to:

• Provide incremental services to 92 settlements
• Extend the provision of services to an additional 45 300 households.
Improving access through the provision of roads, footpaths and stormwater controls


Communal ablution facilities comprise toilets, showers, basin and wash-trough for laundry and are maintained by community-based caretakerts.