Performance trend

The target for new fully subsidised houses (Breaking New Ground / BNG) in 2017/18 was 4200.  This is linked to funding made available by the Provincial Department of Human Settlements. The actual number built was 4364.

1638 sites are were connected to services under the BNG programme.

The target for upgrading, conversion and construction of new family units in Community Residential units (CRUs) in 2017/18 was 60.  Socio-political dynamics in hostel precincts delayed completion of some units, leading to a small under-performance – 46 units were completed.

The provincial budget for refurbishment of pre-1994 units has been reduced from previous years.  The target for 2017/18 was 275 units, while 280 were delivered.

Social housing units are delivered in partnership with Social Housing Institutions (SHIs), who control the construction programme.  2 new social housing projects opened for occupation during 2017/2018.  These two projects (Hamptons and Hilltop in Ward 65) add an additional 300 affordable rental opportunities for households whose combined income is between R3 500 and R15 000.

The gap housing programme has resolved some outstanding challenges which were preventing the issuing of certificates of occupation.  This has enabled the reporting of units built in previous years as well as the houses built during 2017/18.  Hence the target of 100 units for 2017/18 was exceeded, with 196 affordable housing opportunities created for the gap market.

In terms of incremental informal settlement upgrading, 6 299 households benefitted from for the rollout of improved roads, footpaths and storm water control.