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October 03
Keeping The Water Flowing

We live in crazy times. Water makes up most of the surface are of Planet Earth. Our bodies are made up mostly of water. We depend on water for our existence. But as I write this, the supply of water in eThekwini for the next few years, and indeed in most of our country, is not that certain.

The reasons are complex. In part we have not been very successful in prosecuting illegal connectors. As a result, water losses from illegal connections have only reduced marginally and we have only had around 2ooo customers coming forward to ask for their connection to be regularised.

The other 25 000 unmetered customers that we know of continue to waste water. This means that each day more than 70 million litres of water is wasted in Durban through illegal connections. If we add to this the fact that Government should have completed the Spring Grove dam in 2008 and it is 5 (five) years behind programme, this means that we have not had the benefit of the additional 60 million litres per day (Mld) it would have added to our supplies.

Whilst we are trying to address these issues, we have to accept that we are playing catch-up. We hope to get our legal team enforcing more rigorously. We hope to look at the possibility of a desalination of our municipality, which would give us some 140Mld additional capacity. We are also working on recycling sewage and this will give us around 110Mld. We have the Western Aqueduct project underway and will soon launch the Northern Aqueduct project. These will go a long way to ensure everyone gets access to water.

But we cannot afford to fail in our endeavours to ensure that our city has adequate water supplies going forward. We have already started working with the Durban Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Sapoa and other role players to assist us to deliver. But individually, each of us can also play our part, through voluntarily finding ways to use less water and start treating it as a scarce resource. If we don't increase our supplies and also ensure that we conserve water, then we will find ourselves in serious trouble.

We will not be able to allow further economic development if we do not have guaranteed supplies. We will have to start introducing mandatory restrictions. And we will find ourselves in a Catch-22 situation, not being able to continue to give poor people access to water, the lifeblood of our nation. So the next time you turn on the tap, think about this scarce resource and what you need to do to ensure that we have enough water available for future generations to prosper.


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