What is the Area Based Management and Development Programme?

In 2003, eThekwini Municipality embarked on a 5-year Area Based Management and Development Programme (ABMD) with the explicit intention of enhancing service delivery, addressing spatial and social inequalities as well as a deepening of local democracy in five strategic geographically defined areas of the city. ABMD is a catalyst and driver in identifying, testing and learning about innovative ways of implementing the city’s Integrated Development Plan (IDP). The City will provide the bulk of capital and operating funding to the five areas, with Euro 35 million support funding being made available by the European Union over the 5 years of the programme. National, provincial and other sources of funding are also being made available through a variety of mechanisms, including partnerships with the private sector.

Led by small specialist teams operating within the areas, the ABMD programme opens up the opportunity to integrate the development and management initiatives of different spheres of government, line function departments, civil society and the private sector to achieve best-practices approaches to development and management. It expands the space for bringing creativity and innovation to development approaches, creates a platform for meaningful partnerships and citizen action thereby facilitating positive and sustainable social economic impacts at a local level.

Whereas each area has its own vision and approach, the five ABMD programmes all contain elements of the following overarching objectives:-

  1. Arrest of decline / urban regeneration
  2. Responsive urban management
  3. Spatial reorganization
  4. Establishment of area level development platform
  5. Improved public and residential environments
  6. Enhanced and expanded infrastructure
  7. Improved image of the area
  8. Improved systems of governance and citizen participation
  9. Re-orientation of delivery systems
  10. Enhanced human capacity and the building of social capital
  11. Citizen pride, satisfaction and safety
  12. Equitable access to services, facilities and economic opportunities.